We are bringing the healing power of nature to hospitals, clinics, physical therapy facilities, and all manner of health care facilities, transforming public and patient areas into inspiring environments that encourage a sense of serenity and hope for patients, their families, and healthcare providers.


Affordable healing images for your patients and facility.

Images of nature enhance, and are a vital part of the healing process. Studies show that nature lowers blood pressure, heart rate & stress levels, as well as aid in the reduction of pain, allowing for faster healing.

These images calm stress in the nervous system with the transformative power of nature, allowing patients to be transported out of a cold and unfamiliar environment into the art of the natural world.

Financial constraints, however, often put it at the bottom of institutional budgets. By making high quality art truly affordable, we hope to change that.

Browse our galleries, then give us a call, we would love to work with you.


Your order is customized and we assist in design and placement. We also offer a trade out service for changing images based upon season, or on an annual basis.

Call us today at 206-724-5929 to begin customizing your own Healing Art Images.

~It's The Light Images